Award Winning Barbecue

‚ÄčHogback Mtn BBQ

The ultimate barbecue experience!

Pricing Includes:

Smoker On-Site

Whole Hog Garnished for Display

Cole Slaw & Choice of Two Side Selections

  Our whole hogs cook for an average of 21 to 24 hours. Known as a pig picking or pig roast, if your looking for the best of barbecue nothing comes close to the experience of a barbecue pit smoking away while you help friend and family relax and enjoy the day with anticipation of a great meal. When ready we'll remove the hog from the cooker and arrange it on a beautiful garnished table for display. Once everyone has the opportunity to take photo's it's time to eat. Our Pitmaster has been trained to cook whole hogs by 3 Time BBQ World Champion and star of TLC's BBQ PitMasters Myron Mixon who is the best when it comes to cooking whole hogs. We take this knowledge and combine it with our "Award Winning" BBQ techniques to make your pig pickin a memorable experience.  

Cooking a whole hog and having a pig pickin is all about "The Show", the experience is like no other when it comes to barbecue. When you combine the flavors of pork bacon, ribs, and shoulder with the lean cuts of pork loin and ham it creates the ultimate in barbecue.

 Shoot us at email or give us a call at (540) 348-3123 for more information about a Hogback Mtn BBQ Pig Picking. Please note: There is a minimum per person charge of 80 guests for a whole hog pig pickin.

Hogback Pitmaster Ruben Showalter (left) with mentor Myron Mixon (right) in Unadilla, Georgia cooking a whole hog.