Hogback Mtn Bbq Catering Tasting Policy

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‚ÄčHogback Mtn BBQ

Hogback Mtn BBQ Catering tasting policy. If you like what we have to offer and would like to set down and discuss your event with us and taste some of our delicious barbecue to set your mind at ease about making the right decision for the food that will be served on your special day just contact us to set up the tasting. As you can imagine, a lot of time goes into something as simple as cooking barbecue for a tasting. Unlike other styles of cooking, we have to cook large cuts of meats for 12-15 hours to produce a great barbecue. For this reason, we do charge a $150 Tasting Fee for our wedding packages. The tasting fee allows up to four people to sample a choice of two selections of entree's/barbecue and up to three sides selections. When you book us for your special event the entire $150 Tasting Fee is applied toward the $500 deposit of any special event with a final food & beverage portion invoice of $4000.00 or more (excluding tax and fees) which makes the tasting free of charge. There is a $35 per person fee for more than four people for a tasting and the additional fee does not apply toward the booking.

Once you have had a private tasting you will be given three days to notify us of your intent to book the date and event with an additional seven days to return to us a deposit and signed catering agreement. If we fail to receive either of these from you and we book the date with another client, no refund will be given on a tasting fee.