Hogback Mtn BBQ

Active Fundraisers

RCHS Senior Class (sales end 5pm on December 9th) 

Recent Fundraisers

RCHS 2021 Senior Class raised $700

Samuel's Supper raised $361

Lexington Lacrosse raised $475

RCHS Cross Country Team raised $550

​RCHS 2022 Senior Class raised $850​​

Hogback Mtn BBQ Fundraising

Introducing Hogback Mtn BBQ Fundraising! Here's how it works, your group can manually sell and take orders, and or send people to our website through a link setup for your fundraiser. You will have a 14 day sales period followed by a preset order pickup date. We'll deliver the orders to you refrigerated on the pickup day and your organization hands out the orders to customers at a designated location and pick up time window.

It’s fast, easy and everyone loves barbecue!! Through our experience, we have mastered how to make this fundraiser the easiest one you will ever do. We take the workload off of you and in return, you can raise a lot of money for your group. With a short selling time, delivery, and a product you will love!
It is a time saver for many families with busy schedules! Once customers pick up the product, they immediately reap the benefits of a prepared entree, or it can be easily frozen for another date!
The product is top quality and consistent all around. The same product that we cater for weddings, local businesses, and other special events, is the same products we fundraise with.

Award-winning Hickory Smoked Pulled Pork. Sold in 1.5lb pans for $19.50 (plus tax). For each one sold you keep as much as $6.83 (see commission structure below). Pork also sold in a 4lb ready to heat aluminum pan for $52 (plus tax). For each one sold you keep as much as $20.80.
Additionally, you can sell our sauce for $3.50 with selections of Sweet & Tangy and Virginia Vinegar

Your organization/group/team will receive a kickback/donation for everything that you sell. That’s a great return back to the community! Other fundraiser “Give Back” programs only give back an average of 10%-20%. We want to give back more!

IT'S AS EASY AS 1, 2, AND 3.
1 - You tell us about your organization, what you are raising funds for, and give us your requests fundraising date. Once we approve it and a convenient date for your team to sell for approximately 2 weeks. We'll build a webpage online menu for you to share a link to. Customers can go directly to the page and place orders. We'll also design a printable order sheet that your members can use for direct selling if you choose.
2 - The Hogback team will prepare the orders that you sold.
3 - We will deliver to a convenient agreed upon location and time for you to hand out to customers for pickup.

Your organization earns a kickback/donation based on the total amount of sales. (excluding tax)

Sales of $300 or more earn 15% (example kickback/donation on $500 is $75)
Sales of $1000 or more earn 30% (example kickback/donation on $1000 is $300)
Sales of $5000 or more earn 35% (example kickback/donation on $5000 is $1750)

540 348-3123 (Ruben Showalter)
Email: info@hogbackmountainbbq.com

Award Winning Barbecue