‚ÄčHogback Mtn BBQ

1) What happens to all the leftover food at the end of my event?
 We (in most cases) are willing to wrap any food that is on the buffet table at the end of the event for the client, providing they have the proper means (hot boxes or coolers of ice) to safely store the food.
2) If I just want the BBQ dropped off and not fully catering will you do that?

Absolutely, we can provide complete meals dropped off at your event. Your food will be ready to eat in disposable containers. All you will need serving ware. The drop off pricing is based on a serving per person, we strongly recommend ordering 10-20% more than the actual headcount. So if you are feeding 100 people we recommend ordering for 110-120 people.

3) Do you offer bartenders if we want to get our own beer and wine?

Yes, we have no problem if you handle the ABC at your event. Just check out our ABC Package Option 3

4) Is there a minimum guest count for BBQ catering onsite?
No, we'll cater for small groups
5) What happens if it rains the day of our BBQ cookout?
In most cases rain will not affect our BBQ cooking, wind, on the other hand, may slow our cooking times and this is considered an "act of God". As far as your party we recommend tents or canopies in case of rain. They also provide great shade in hot weather. We can coordinate a tent rental of any size for a nominal fee, or refer you to a tent rental company. Otherwise, you may want to have a backup plan for indoors or consider booking one of the venues we work with.

6) Do you offer rental items like china, tents, etc?

Sort of, we can help you coordinate rentals through a rental company that we use. If you like the rental proposal, you just contact them directly to make the actual booking.
7) What are your charges for children?

Our current policy is the first 50 guests (excluding special events menu, ask for details) are billed at adult rates, after that any children age 8 and under will be half price for on-site catering provided the adult to child ratio does not exceed 15%. 

8) Our uncle has a few family recipe's and wants to cook all of the sides himself will you cook just the meats?
Sorry, but due to insurance regulations, we can not serve food at the event other than the food we prepare. 
9) How do I reserve your BBQ catering services for my event?
Give us a call and we'll discuss the many BBQ menu options. Once you decide what you would like we will draw up a catering agreement and the signed agreement with a $500.00 deposit for on-site catering or a $100 deposit for a drop off secures your date and time, along with a signed catering agreement.
10) I am going to invite 100 guests but I'm not sure how many guests will show up, how many guests do I have to pay for if less show up?

We price, prepare and cook for the number of guests you tell us, our charges are for the confirmed guest count or actual guest count if greater than the confirmed count. For instance, you book us to serve 125 guests 6 months before the event, we will call about 14 days prior to the event to get the "Confirmed" headcount. This confirmed count is the amount you pay for, and the amount we prepare for.

11) I'm interested in booking a specific date but not ready to commit, can you contact me if someone is interested in the date I want so I can book it first? 

We get asked this question by every person who is interested in a date but not ready to commit. At times we have discussed a specific date with many people over several weeks or months and can't possibly hold or contact everyone about the date. We even talk to people, send them a proposal and never hear from them. Then weeks later start talking to someone else about the date when the contract arrives in the mail from the person you discussed the date about weeks ago. Our goal is to book the date, so we kindly ask you to consider it like an "Event Ticket' for a concert or sporting event. If you want the ticket, purchase it before they are sold out. Whoever returns a signed catering agreement with a deposit for a specific date gets the date and our services guaranteed. If however, you request us to send you the proposal/catering agreement with the intent of signing and returning it, we will hold that date for a few days with the understanding that the deposit and signed catering agreement have been signed and are in the mail on the way back to us. 

12) We are interested in booking a function. Do you offer private tastings?

Yes, we offer private tastings for our wedding packages, you can find our Tasting Policy Here.  If you are having a small event but would like to try our food first we suggest ordering from our pick up/drop off menu or read our online reviews from various places on the web.

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